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dimanche 4 mars 2012

"I don't even understand what I described Gurion. I just know that I said 'fuck' way too much. Who talks like me? No one."
You're Vincie Portie, I said. I said, Vincie Portite says 'fuck' a lot.
"Call-Me-Sandy says that when I say 'fuck' it's because 'fuck' is a really angry word, and when I say it, I trick myself into getting angry and saying it more, and that gets me more angry, and I start believing that I'm completely right about evereything, which is what I do when I'm angry is start believing I'm right about everything, which Sandy says is why I like to get angry to begin with, and I think Sandy's right because I just said 'fuck' a whole lot and I believe I'm completely right about everything I just said, even though I have no idea what the fuck I just said. What the fuck did I say?"

The Instructions, Adam Levin, Canongate.

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