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mardi 9 juin 2009

It was during this time that Charles Bukowski and Linda Beighle drove out to Malibu to have lunch with John and Joyce. It happened to be trash day, and as the great city truck rumbled past the house on Cliffside Drive Fante tried telling a joke. On trash days, he said, Joyce had to hold on to him to keep the trash man from tossing him with the rest of the neighborhood's garbage. When nobody laughed he excused himself and rolled away to his room. A few moments passed, and then an unearthly moaning started up.

On May 11 at Our Lady of Malibu Church a requiem mass was conducted in the traditional Latin. None of the big Hollywood names who had been associated with Fante managed to show up, but a few lesser known writer friends came to pay their respects, including Edmund Morris, Harry Essex, Rudy Borchert and Ben Pleasants. Ill at ease in the incense-heavy atmosphere, Bill Asher was anxious to get away in time to make the first post at Hollywood Park. In a rear pew, by contrast, Martin Sheen attended closely to the liturgy, rising and kneeling and responding in Latin to all the antiphonal prayers. Charles Bukowski sat apart from family members and friends, grieving privately in a rumpled brown sport jacket.

Full Of Life: A Biography Of John Fante, Stephen Cooper.

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